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You Can Get Hot Pockets Cargo Shorts With A Literal Insulated Hot Pocket

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When it comes to easy, on-the-go snacks, it doesn’t get any better than Hot Pockets.

Those little pillowy pockets of meat and cheese (or egg, meat, and cheese for breakfast) are so convenient, and only take 3 minutes in the microwave.

Of course, you have to cool them down for another 3 minutes, or you will burn the roof of your mouth with that molten hot cheese, AMIRITE?!?

Taking Hot Pockets on the go is about to get a whole lot easier, because Hot Pockets is teaming up with Columbus Fashion Alliance (CFA) to bring us Hot Pockets Shorts.

Hot Pockets

Each pair features a special sandwich-sized heat pocket to ensure your food stays warm no matter the weather outside.

Hot Pockets

Yes, they are actual shorts.

Hot Pockets

These cargo shorts feature a literal insulated cargo pocket, designed to keep your Hot Pockets warm and toasty while, even if your legs are on the chilly side.

See what we did there? It’s an insulated cargo pocket that keeps your HOT POCKETS sandwiches warm and toasty for when you’re ready to refuel.

Hot Pockets

It doesn’t matter when you wear these shorts — even in the cold of winter — the insulated hot pocket on these shorts keeps your Hot Pocket tasty treat toasty warm.

Hot Pockets

Wearing shorts in winter is a bold choice. — With our insulated shorts, Hot Pockets found an unexpected way to bring the heat to this chilly fashion trend.

Bryan Waddell, Hot Pockets Brand Marketing Manager

So, how can you get a pair of these Hot Pocket shorts?

They will be available while supplies last, and will come in sizes small to extra large in men’s cut.

Beginning on December 12, you simply go to the pkts.gg website to pick up your shorts with the hot pocket design.

Hot Pockets

Oh, there will also be a hoodie. Every teenage girl just did a little happy dance.

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