How To: 10 Spiritual Ways To Be Happier In 2 Minutes

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Are you trying to find out how to find yourself spiritually? Working on finding your true self through spiritual growth? Well, here’s the thing– you are never going to really be able to commit to your own spiritual journey if you don’t figure out a way to make yourself happier while you do it.

It’s simple, really. You aren’t going to put in the conscious effort to really banish all your negative energy and existing belief systems if it isn’t bringing you closer to the good stuff.

You want your happy, that’s what makes you willing to do the work.

But it’s a good idea to make that first step down your true path a quick one, so check out these ten spiritual things you can do to be happier in just two minutes.

There are so many different ways to start your spiritual awakening bur really the best way is you ask yourself those important questions, and another great way is to try a simple lifestyle change and focus on your own spiritual development and new spiritual traditions. These may feel like different things, but this lifestyle change is worth it.

Trust me it’s a good thing.

10 Spiritual Ways To Be Happy

1. Draw a smiley face on your mirror when you get out of the shower and it’s all fogged up. Do it with the intention that every time you see it, you should smile and remember that good things come to those who want them.

Self love isn’t just in the self-help books. You can start your spiritual quest with something as simple as a smiley in the first place you look when you leave the shower. Take care of your mental health first. That little bit is so important and will help you find your sense of peace.

2. Do something nice for someone. It doesn’t have to be big or to cost any money. Just wave at someone when you’re driving or compliment a stranger’s outfit. Good karma will flow right back to you so fast.

You don’t have to spend a long time on someone to improve your personal relationships. A strong relationship really is about thoughtfulness, and it can be as easy as popping onto someone’s social media and wishing them good luck on their job interview. Spiritual people should give their positive energy away freely to others, and this is one many different ideas for doing so.

3. Write yourself a love note in the notes section of your phone. Just a couple of good things that you love about yourself so that when you’re feeling down you can open it up and read it.

This is a great way to do something super simple for your own spiritual practice and the act of putting this good out there helps you tap onto a higher power on your personal journey.

You don’t need a spiritual teacher to tell you that though, physical and mental health go hand in hand for a spiritual person like you, and this is a great way people focus on their own personal journey.

4. Wear something a little more daring than you normally do. Something that makes you have to be a little more brave than normal. That confidence will turn into happiness before you know it. And remember, black is a super powerful color.

What do clothes have to do with your spiritual self and your spiritual path? Everything. Your outerself can reflect your inner self if you let it, and putting your outfit on the right path can help you find your real self. Your true identity.

5. Go outside. So many of us spend our entire days outside without ever pausing to sit in the sunshine (or even the starlight.) Do this for a couple of minutes every day. It’s called grounding. It will connect you with nature and the world around you. If you can’t get outside, you can use charged crystals to help you ground instead.

Really think back to your childhood experiences and how you viewed the outside world. This is such a good way to remember who you are.

6. Flip a tarot card and look up its meaning. If you don’t have a deck, there are tons of free spiritual apps you can download that let you flip a tarot card.

Even if this is a whole new experience for you, it should be fun. It’s a great way to learn things we didn’t know about our true selves. You will be surprised how people experience different things when you have an open mind.

7. Pet an animal or just look at a picture of one. Animals make us happier, friendlier people. Take time to be grateful for what they bring into your life.

The act of petting an animal is a spiritual experience you don’t really even realize you’re having. It’s such a good way to begin simple mindfulness meditation, too. You are going to learn a lot of things about yourself when you start meditating.

8. Drink water. Next time you are about to reach for soda, water, coffee, or tea, grab a glass of water instead. As you drink it, imagine the clean water going through your body and cleansing away all the negative energy.

Yeah, water is a part of a healthy diet, but we care about your emotional health too, and just like you have to cleanse and charge your crystals, you have to cleanse and charge your body, too.

9. Text a friend or a loved one a silly emoji. Don’t tell them why, just send them the emoji and see what they send back. you will both smile!

Your good intentions will make them know you care. It’s important that we are aware what we do and say affects others, and this is one of those personal development moments where we just have to pause and actually take the time to do the thing.

Send the text!

10. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that today is awesome. Don’t say it’s going to be awesome. Say that it already is. Manifest an awesome day into existence. Don’t doubt yourself when you do it.

Just believe.

Remember, being spiritual isn’t something that has to be a ton of work or to feel wrong. It’s all about finding the happiest, truest version of you.

You got this.

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