How To Get Rid of a Migraine For Real {Without Medicine}

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I am the migraine queen, which means I know a thing or two about migraine remedies. I think I get them from my grandma. She used to call it “the headache.”

When her migraines started to kick in, she’d say “I got the headache.” And she would sit in a dark room until it went away.

Migraine Remedies That Actually Work

That’s still one of my favorite migraine remedies, by the way, to sit in a dark room with a cold washcloth over my head. But this only works at the VERY beginning of a migraine. When you first feel the tingles of it coming on.

Oh, and don’t let anyone come in there and annoy you. The second you drop that washcloth to talk to them, you’re basically inviting the migraine to come on in and set up shop behind your eyeball.

Don’t eat hotdogs. I know that sounds completely ridiculous, but nitrates and salt are big migraine triggers. Hot dogs are full of both.

It’s not just hot dogs though. Anything super salty or super nitrate-y will get you.

If you can’t help yourself and you just gotta have that fried chicken or sausage on a stick–drink water. Food related migraines can usually be avoided by drinking a bottle of water before or right after you eat.

It makes sense, water is pretty much our first line of defense against everything.

There’s a spot on your hand that can actually relieve the pressure from a migraine. If you grab and squeeze it can stop the headache from showing up!

Grab right in between your thumb and index finger and squeeze. Not so hard it hurts, but you just sort of massage it and give it a good wiggle. The crazy thing is, for me at least– when I am about to get a migraine, my hand gets super tight there. It’s almost like a knot in my back or something.

Speaking of backs, get someone to massage your LOWER back. Tons of migraines start out right there.

Most of the time, if someone can feel a knot down there and they can work it out, you can stop the migraine in its tracks.

Peppermint Oil is one of my favorite ways because it smells good AND it makes me feel better.

You can rub this on your head, on your hand, your back, or even your feet. Bonus: You will smell like a candy cane all day.

Drinking a coke can stop a migraine before it ever begins. Remember caffeine was considered a medicine way before anyone added it to soda!

I sometimes think just the act of sitting down and drinking a nice cold beverage is the actual cure here though. Just because it gives me a chance to de-stress.

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