Here’s How to Pick the Perfect Cantaloupe Every Time

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There’s nothing worse than picking out your favorite fruit at the grocery store, only to come home and find it not at its best with the very first bite.

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Unripe, sour, and not what you were expecting is the classic trio to possibly an upset stomach and be a mood killer.

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So in order to prevent choosing the wrong one from the fruit selection at the store, here’s how to pick the perfect piece of fruit, at least the cantaloupe that is.

How to Pick the Perfect Cantaloupe Every Time

Considering cantaloupes will be in season soon, the perfect time to go cantaloupe picking has never been better.

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So if you’ve been craving the honeydew fruit, here’s how to select a flawless one.

Starting with an innie rather than an outtie, you’re looking for a cantaloupe that has an inwards stem rather than an outwards one.

Search for cantaloupes that have a yellow and orange combination color instead of dark green, and remember that the strong and sweet smelling stems are already overripe.

Finally, when looking through the cantaloupe stockpile, keep in mind that the ones that feel firm with no soft spots are not ripe and the ones that are firm with a little give are ripe!

Cantaloupe season starts in June and continues through August, so go out there and pick the best one!

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