Mark Your Calendar, There Is A Rare Hunter Moon This Sunday

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Get ready, because this Sunday, October 13th, is the HUNTER MOON! This one only comes once every THREE years, and you do NOT want to miss it!

Is there anything more Halloween than a full moon on a clear, cool, fall night?!? It is the perfect setting for the perfect pre-Halloween treat.

According to, the Hunter Moon only occurs in October once every THREE years. It is the moon closest to the September equinox, which starts the fall season, according to astrology.

It usually occurs in September, but every third year, it occurs in October.

It is called the Hunter Moon, because this is typically the time of year that animals have started getting their winter bodies. Hunters are out in full force to hunt for deer and other game.

It is also sometimes referred to as the Travel Moon, the Dying Grass Moon, the Sanguine Moon, and Blood Moon — but this last one is not to be confused with the Blood Moon that signals a Total Lunar Eclipse.

It will be the only night in October when the moon will be visible in the sky the entire night!

This would be a PERFECT night to go out and howl at the moon, and then go watch Hocus Pocus and warm up with some spiked hot chocolate with candy corn lava or a fun Zombtini.

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