I’m Not So Secretly An Uber Geek

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CIMG3632Seriously, I am obsessed with all things Joss Whedon, I played Mario Kart on a Super Nintendo. I once got a job at a video game store because I pre-ordered a copy of Zelda, I know how wtfpwn a raid boss, I can quote movies that most of you haven’t seen, and I’ve had a blog since before most people knew what blogs were. (Seriously, somewhere out there in cyberspace, there’s a blog from my college years, complete with dancing beany babies.)

But, until I started twittering, and announcing my complete geekness to all of my friends and former friends from high school and college, I felt like that was something I could keep kind of quiet.

Now they know everything.

I’m not going to lie… I am a little uncomfortable with that, because people get to find out just what a geek I really am, and I am sure they say things like, “Man, I knew she was a huge dork back in the eighth grade, but I figured she’d grow out of it.” But, I’m grown now, and I would like to think I care less now than I did then about what people think about me. I hope so at least.

Maybe I should be less of a geek? Maybe I shouldn’t live twitter my night out, or maybe I shouldn’t check my facebook page from my phone, but I can’t help it. I love being connected to the internet, and it’s who I am.

I also wonder if the internet will help me or hurt me later when I go to look for a job.

I mean, if this whole book thing works out, and people out there are looking for someone quirky… then I think I have a nice little platform going for myself, right? But… if I try to get a job where I am supposed to be poised and professional, and they google Jamie Harrington and my twitter stream pops up… I’m probably screwed.

So, I plan to continue my queen geekness, and hope that it’s cool with everyone. 🙂

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  1. I really like playing Mario Olympics and Rockband with the kids, and the Olympics makes an excellent drinking game after they go to bed!!!

    Pink Monkey’s last blog post..Farts and Craps..I Mean Arts and Crafts

  2. Well if it makes you feel better…your uber dorkiness is what first attracted me to your blog 😉 At least you don’t post video parody’s of Harry Potter and beg for an Action Figure Edward doll for your birthday…
    just saying….

    Marybeth’s last blog post..Never too Young for Sarcasm!

  3. I say embrace it! (and know that you are not alone) ;o)

  4. Been blogging 4ever as well and I quickly learned the clash of internet vs reality.

    The most interesting bloggers remain anonymous to the best of their ability because it requires a lot less self-editing before you hit the post button.

    Perhaps get the script/add-on that disables google bots from indexing your site?

    CitizenX’s last blog post..Challenge: Tell Me What I Missed

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