The Internet Caught Amber Heard in a Lie and It’s A Big One

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Y’all, I love the internet! People catch things that we so often miss the first time…

So, yesterday, you might remember that Amber Heard was questioned about an image, one that had been taken after an alleged abusive attack by Johnny Depp.

The picture I am referring to, is this one:

When asked to describe the photo, Amber replied:

“Yes, um, that is a picture of my bruised temple. Johnny had an um, hand on part of my face with my face down, um. And um, I was punching my head, I’m repeatedly punching my head.”

Let’s back up here… She JUST admitted, under oath, that SHE was the one that was repeatedly punching her own head…

That was HER very own words and response to that image where the bruise (which I don’t really see) was questioned.

Doesn’t that prove that Johnny wasn’t the one who caused that injury to her, she did it to herself.

So, her lie then is, that he didn’t abuse her like she claims. She in fact, abused herself…

People have gone crazy over this and have posted TikTok’s, Tweets, and all sorts of things about this clip.

You can check out the clip for yourself in the video below but I cannot believe we didn’t catch that before!!

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