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This Jack Skellington Pillow Pet Is Simply Meant To Be Mine

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If your house is ANYTHING like mine, you have about 34,098,864 stuffed animals just lying around, and you have undoubtedly told your kids, “No more stuffed animals!!”

That was how it went at MY home, UNTIL I went to Walmart, and saw this Jack Skellington Pillow Pet. I don’t know how it happened, but this pillow just happened to jump in my cart.

I am a SUCKER for all things Nightmare Before Christmas, and this Pillow Pet is NO exception. It is simply too cute to pass up.

It’s Halloween time, I can count it as a decoration, right?

Pillow Pets and Disney teamed up to bring Jack Skellington out of the screen and into your home in a soft, cozy plush form that everyone can snuggle up with and enjoy.


As the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington loves to scare. As a Pillow Pet, he loves to play until it’s time to sleep at which point his belly unfastens to magically turn him into a pillow.


This adorable Jack Skellington Pillow Pet starts as a fluffy puffy four-legged friend, and transforms into a fuzzy soft pillow that you can snuggle and cuddle.


You can quite easily keep him clean by throwing him in a white pillowcase. Be sure to tie off the open end, and then put him right into a cold gentle wash.


When you unfasten his belly, this Jack Skellington becomes a 16-inch pillow. He will be PERFECT as an accent pillow friend for my big comfy front room chair this Halloween season!

You can get your own Jack Skellington pillow pet right on the Walmart website. He is only 27 bucks, and is great for kids, teens, and adults.

Y’all. It’s almost Pumpkin Spice season at Starbucks, and you know what that means — Jack Skellington Frappuccinos off the Starbucks Secret Menu are back.

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