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Jell-O Has A New Line Of Play Edible Slime, And It’s As Fun As It Sounds

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My kids have jumped with both feet onto the slime bandwagon. If it is goopy and stretchy, they are all about making it and playing with it.

My daughter is such a slime snob (She thinks she is the slime expert), that she tries to improve any slime that was not made by her. She will add lotion, glitter, or baubles to any slime to make it her own creation.

When my kids found out this slime book was coming out they begged, pleaded, and promised to do more chores if I would preorder it for them.

Jell-O has come out with edible slime

Imagine their excitement when they found out Jell-O has come out with an edible slime. Their favorite jiggly dessert is now available in their favorite playtime obsession.

Photo Credit: amazon.com

This Jell-O Play Slime is available through amazon.com in two flavors, a pink strawberry and green lime. The strawberry flavor is called Unicorn Slime, and the lime flavor is called Monster Slime.

Unicorns and Monsters FTW

Jell-O was spot on when they decided to market this slime with unicorns and monsters. Kids everywhere are going to go into full freak-out mode with these mythical creatures adorning their 100% edible slime containers. Unicorns and monsters are the pop culture rage right now!

Magical Unicorn Cookies

Each package contains about 15 ounces of powder, and will set you back about $5. According to Jell-O, each container holds enough for two batches of gooey playtime goodness. They also say it does not stain hands, and washes off with warm water and soap.

It is so easy to make, your child can probably do it by themselves without much supervision.

Photo Credit: amazon.com

It’s So Easy To Make

To make the edible slime, all you need to do is use the provided scoop to combine 3 scoops of the magical Play powder and 1 scoop of warm water. This is mixed together with a spoon for 30 seconds. Then 1 more tablespoon of warm water is added. At this point your child can get in there and mix it up with their hands.

Photo Credit: amazon.com

Jell-O claims that this yummy slime stays gooey for about an hour. According to Amazon, if you add a little more warm water, it will help it stay moist longer.

Photo Credit: amazon.com

It is not recommended that this slime be refrigerated for later use. For best results, eat up your slimy creation, and make a new batch later.

Photo Credit: amazon.com

At only $5 each, I’m going to grab up a couple of each flavor for summertime fun. My kids are going to want to share this experience with both friends and cousins. We are bound to get in hours of edible, gooey fun with this awesome find!

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