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A Family Put Up A ‘Jurisdiction Of The Ministry Of Silly Walks’ Sign In Their Yard and I’m Dying Laughing

As much as I don’t like living in a neighborhood, right now I wish I had a sidewalk out front because I would totally do what these people did.

I am having a super hard time here. I need laughter any way I can get it.

yorkshire.silly.walks – Instagram

A woman named Liz Koto and her family live in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan. They were looking for some entertainment and decided to go with the ways of Monty Python!

They literally recreated the sketch known as “The Ministry of Silly Walks”. Have you ever watched it?

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Mann…what a great walk like an Egyptian family. 😉

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My husband and I were on a quarantine walk with my kids biking ahead of us and it just sort of came to me.

Liz Koto
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The Ministry welcomes you.

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So, they posted a sign at the sidewalk in front of their house. The sign reads:

“You have now entered the jurisdiction of silly walks. Commence silly walking immediately.” Then in fine print, it reads: “Follow @Yorkshire.Silly.Walks for highlights. Your walk may be posted! We’re all in this together so let’s have some fun while we can! (Don’t know how to silly walk? Google Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks for inspiration.)”

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The Minister and her apprentice.

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My neighbors seem to love it. Some of them walk by more than once a day and make sure to silly walk.

Liz Koto

You can follow along from home because Liz decided to share it all for everyone. She created an Instagram account called @Yorkshire.Silly.Walks and it is fantastic!

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