So, It Looks Like Kim Kardashian May Have Cleaned Out Kanye West’s Closet and Turned It Into a Skims Showroom

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Oh snap! This doesn’t look good for the whole Kim/Kayne relationship.

If you keep up with The Kardashians (see what I did there?) you probably know that divorce rumors have been circulating around Kim and Kayne.

Well, it may look like we just got further confirmation because Kim Kardashian posted photos which seemingly make it seem like Kim cleared out Kayne’s stuff and turned his closet into a Skims showroom aka closet.



According to Cosmopolitan, the popular Instagram celebrity gossip fan page @deuxmoix noticed that what used to be Kayne West’s Yeezy closet, has seemingly been transformed into Kardashian’s new Skims closet.

Instagram Screenshot

When you look at Kim’s closet, it looks an awful like Kayne’s old closet that was showcased on the David Letterman show on Netflix.

Here is Kim’s recent photo:

Instagram Screenshot

And here is the closet Kayne showed David Letterman:


If it is the same closet, Kim sure didn’t waste any time filling that space.

Now, again, nobody knows with 100% certainty what is happening but none of the last few months look good for the two.


Apparently, Kim and Kayne’s marriage/possible divorce will be discussed during the last season of KUWTK but until then, everyone is just speculating.


There was recently a source that told Us Weekly Kim has been working with “her financial advisers to figure out an exit plan that would be best for her whole family,” adding, “Kim has had all of her and Kanye’s financials and properties ready to be split—it’s a very fair deal for everyone.”


So, what do you think? Are Kim and Kayne done for?


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