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Lucky Charms Has a Complete Pancake Kit So You Can Turn Your Favorite Cereal Into Fluffy Pancakes

Lucky Charms has turned lemons into lemonade, or rather marshmallow charms into fluffy pancakes!

The bowl of crunchy oats can now be turned into sweet pancake batter for breakfast; so rather than cereal in the morning try pancakes instead!

Courtesy of @tandeminlove

Thank to Lucky Charms, the complete pancake kit includes pancake mix and the famous cereal topping, and similar to other pancakes you can make straight from the box, all you need to do is add water, milk, stir, pour, and flip on the pan!

You know the drill.

Courtesy of @candyhunting

After you’re satisfied with your fluffy pancakes that are crispy on the top, soft on the bottom, and melt in your mouth from the middle, top the stack of breakfast food with the featured cereal toppings and who’s to say we can’t add whipped cream too.

Courtesy of @gabepllrn

Serve for the family or make six for yourself, we won’t tell anyone.

Make these Lucky Charm pancakes for breakfast or have breakfast for dinner.

Courtesy of @monika_a_mazur