Still Missing Your Stimulus Check? You May Be Looking For It In The Wrong Place

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It’s been weeks since the 2nd stimulus check begin going out and if you are still waiting like…

You are not alone.

Tons of people are still waiting for their stimulus checks whether it be by direct deposit or check.

But turns out, you may have been looking for the wrong thing this entire time.

While the majority of payments the IRS sent were direct deposited, many realized that they had changed bank accounts or for whatever reason, were unable to get the deposit.

The last round of stimulus checks had the same issue but lots of paper checks were mailed along with some debit cards.

For whatever reason, the IRS used different methods to get out the funds even if you got your first stimulus a different way. In fact this last round, the IRS sent out about 8 million debit cards.


The Internal Revenue Service is now warning people to keep a careful eye on the mail and that the form of payment may be different than the one received last year.

stimulus check

For example, some people who received a paper check last time may now get a prepaid debit card and vice versa.

The new payment will not be added to any debit cards that were sent for the first round of payments.

All of this means people may have been searching in their bank accounts or searching for a paper check when it was actually a debit card to watch for.

So, the moral of the story? You were probably looking for the wrong thing.

The debit cards look like the picture above and since you didn’t know to look for a debit card, you may have thought it was junk mail and threw it away.


The debit cards are being sent in a white envelope with the Treasury Department seal on the outside. The card itself is a Visa debit card issued by MetaBank, the Treasury’s financial agent.

It can be used to make purchases, to get cash at an ATM or to transfer funds into a bank account without being charged a fee.

If you want to see where and when your check/debit card/deposit may have been sent, you check the status of a payment by visiting

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