This Mom Told Her Son That She Ate All His Halloween Candy And His Response Will Melt Your Heart

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Every year, parents sneak pieces of candy from their kids’ Halloween Trick-or-Treat stash. It’s like a right of passage for being a parent. LOL!!

I’ve engrained it in the brains of my kids to just go ahead and hand over their Snickers Bars. HA!

But, I’ve never flat out taken their entire Halloween haul. Lawd, I can only imagine the rending of garments that would happen if I were to eat all their candy!!

Not all kids are as dramatic as mine, however. Some littles are actually so sweet, they will legit make your heart grow three sizes (just like the Grinch).

There is a video going around social media that is the perfect case in point.

This mom pretends that she got really hungry and ate all her son’s Halloween candy, and he has the freaking cutest reaction ever.

He doesn’t believe her at first.

The mom says, “You know when I put you to bed last night? Well, I got really hungry, and I ate all your candy. I’m sorry.”

He looks confused and concerned at first, but then smiles and says, “You’re just joking. You didn’t eat all my candy.”

The mom persists with the story, and it looks like the little boy might cry.

At this point, I was like, “Just tell him you’re joking!!!

But, the video continues. “I was really hungry, and I didn’t have any other food. I’m really sorry.”

The little kid looks completely dejected. After thinking for a moment, he opens the refrigerator and says, “Well, you should eat some food from in here.”

He then walks straight up to the camera, and the CUTEST most PRECIOUS thing happens.

He earnestly tells his mom, “Mommy, I’m not mad at you. It’s okay.”

OMG!! The feels!! This little kid gives all the feels, and I just want to hug him!!

To see the full video for yourself, you can go HERE.

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