My new IPod!

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So, as I sit here typing I am jamming out to ‘Material Girl’ on my new pink IPod… hahah how am I ever going to teach my daughter that material posessions aren’t important when I love all mine so much? haha poor kid! Okay I feel a little better… ‘Unwritten’ is on now… that is hal’s theme song… she LOVES that song… she does a little booty dance every time she hears it! haha sooo cute!

I am loving the ipod though… even thouh my first one didn’t work, and I had to take it back to the store and get a new one 🙂 hehe I have never been to an apple store before… they are purty! You can just see them selling their image… it was quite amazing actually 🙂

Okay, now off to see if I can find super cool things for the ipod!

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  1. My husband and I each just got one with our birthday money…I *LOVE* IT:) It’s so much you can do with it. (in the car, home or work) I love Cyndi phone used to ring “Girls just want to have fun”…LOL

  2. My green one needs to hurry up & get here!!! I am so excited about it!!!

    How many songs did you end up with???

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