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Naomi Judd Cut Her Daughters, Ashley & Wynonna Out Of Her $25 Million Will

It has been nearly 4 months since Naomi Judd’s death.

The world was saddened to hear about Naomi’s sudden passing after learning that she had taken her own life after battling with mental illness for years.

While I am sure her family is still in mourning, it looks like they have another battle at play, turns out, Naomi Judd cut her daughters, Ashley and Wynonna out of her $25 Million Will.

According to reports, she didn’t leave any reasoning as to why she did this.

However, Naomi did leave her estate and her fortune (around $25 million dollars), to her husband, Larry Strickland.

The Blast confirmed the existence of the court document stating this, which says,

“I nominate and appoint my spouse, Larry Strickland, as Executor of my estate.”


Now, I can see wanting your spouse to be the one who gets everything but the additional details are quite shocking too…

“In the event my spouse ceases or fails to serve, then I nominate and appoint my brother-in-law, Reginald Strickland, and Daniel Kris Wiatr as Co-Executors. I direct that no bond shall be required of my Executor.”

Isn’t that strange? Like why didn’t she leave anything for her own daughters? Maybe they didn’t get along very well?


Nonetheless, it is strange she didn’t leave anything for her daughters…

Photos courtesy of Deposit Photos.