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Netflix Confirmed The Release of ‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’

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AHH! I’m so excited! My favorite Hollywood couple, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, are teaming up again (a la Overboard) to play Santa and Mrs. Claus for The Christmas Chronicles 2.

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I. Can. Not. Wait!! I haven’t been this stupid-excited for the release of a Christmas film in FOREVER! This is just one more reason I love you, Netflix.


You might remember this little smash Netflix hit from last year’s Christmas season! I know my family had to watch it the first day it came out — and we were not alone! The Christmas Chronicles was viewed over TWENTY MILLION times in its first week alone.

I simply LOVE Kurt Russell, who played a gruff, no-nonsense Santa. He absolutely nailed the part, and made it the successful film it was!

Via Netflix

And, his little elves — GAH!! They were as adorable as they were mischievous. This Netflix gem is almost worth the watch just to see these little guys (and gals).

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SPOILER ALERT — The BEST part of the entire film is at the end, when Goldie Hawn shows up as Mrs. Claus. This sealed the deal for me. I instantly loved this flick!


Well, get ready, because the duo that is Kurt and Goldie are coming back for the 2020 Christmas season! *girl scream*

Via Netflix

In the sequel, Belsnickel — the dirty, crotchety santa-type-figure of German Christmas folklore — tries to steal and destroy Christmas. It’s up to Santa, and the reunited team of Kate, Teddy, and Claire, to thwart this attempt at upheaval. Of course, Mrs. Claus will be there, too.


Netflix, you are ON FIRE with your original programming this year. I will be waiting with jingle bells and mistletoe for the 2020 release of The Christmas Chronicles 2!


There are a few words that might go on the naughty list, so watch with caution with the kids.


While you wait for The Christmas Chronicles 2, HERE are some more Netflix Christmas movies to make your season merry and bright.

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  1. Yippee! Loved the first one. Watch it all the time.

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