A New Grumpy Cat Has Emerged and She Looks Even Angrier Than The Last

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Last year we lost the internet sensation cat dubbed ‘Grumpy Cat‘ and while nobody could ever take her place, A New Grumpy Cat Has Emerged and She Looks Even Angrier Than The Last.

Image credits: Siro0913

Meet Meow Meow, a giant, fluffy, angry looking cat from Taiwan.


Where has this grumpy cat been hiding? Well, Meow Meow’s human, Clare, told Bored Panda:

“I met her at an old pet shop,”

“Her ex-owner abandoned her for some unknown reason. She was 10 months old at that time, so me and my younger brother took her to our house and she became my first cat.”

Image credits: Siro0913

Even more interesting, she said her Meow Meow was probably born even before the late Grumpy Cat. Could this be a long-lost cousin?!

Image credits: Siro0913

Aside from being totally fluffy and mean-looking, Clare said that Meow Meow is very sweet and a bit of a picky eater.


Both things I am willing to deal with to have a cat that looks like she constantly has resting bitc* face HA.

Image credits: Siro0913

She is so cute and I am excited to see what comes from Grumpy Cat 2.0.

Image credits: Siro0913

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