Nurses Are Making Warm Gloves For Covid Patients To Mimic Human Contact And My Heart Is Full

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I’m not crying, you are… Okay, I actually may be crying because this is just beautiful.

Look, we all know nurses are angels and we pretty much don’t deserve them.

But there are times like this that really remind us just how special nurses are and how we can never, ever take them for granted…

Close up of a doctor hand with blue glove giving support and love to a patient at hospital. Coronavirus pandemic concept.

Nurses Are Making Warm Gloves For Covid Patients To Mimic Human Hands And My Heart Is Full.

Nurses are calling these ‘The Hand of God’ and it is two gloves tied together, filled with hot water and then wrapped around a COVID patients hand (likely a patient in a coma or on a respirator).

The idea is that the warmth will make it feel like a human hand is holding their hand – human contact which is so needed when patients are isolated and unable to have visitors.


In fact, many believe that patients tend to pull through if they feel that someone who cares is near which has made this entire pandemic even harder.

And you know what? This is one of the most simple, and pure forms of love and care I’ve seen.

This is brilliant and beautiful and I am balling just thinking of how sad this is all around and how amazing nurses really are.

So, if you are a nurse, thank you. <3

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