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Okay seriously… you may or not know this about me… but I love video games… LOVE them. So much so that I worked at a GameStop when I was in College and even quit my job to have more time to play Phantasy Star Online. (Which up until recently I was damn near convinced was the best ever MMORPG on the planet.) Well, as it turns out… I was wrong… there is a better one… The World of Warcraft! I know I am a little late on this one, but I was avoiding it on purpose… because I knew that as soon as I got started there would be no stopping me! And I was SO right… best game EVER. And, with the new expansion pack coming out, it promises to be even BETTER. I get to go into the profession of jewelcrafting! LOVE it! What can I say… this is too much fun! 🙂

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