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October Brings A Treat For Stargazers With Two Meteor Showers. Here’s How You Can Watch.

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I’m always up for a night of stargazing and a natural light show from space and this month we get two amazing events to watch!

Last August we were able to watch the Perseid meteor shower and it was so beautiful, I can not wait for Octobers meteor showers.

Draconid meteor shower

The Draconid meteor shower will be viewable from October 8th through the 9th, and best viewed on the 8th when it reaches its peak.

The Draconids are easiest to see in the evening, right after nightfall, so you won’t need to stay up all night to see them.

This is perfect for families that don’t want the kids to be up all night, although, the Draconids only will give you about 5 – 10 meteors per hour.

Orionid meteor shower

Just a few weeks later we will have the opportunity to view the Orionid meteor shower.

This meteor shower will be viewable from October 20th through the 21st.

This should be one of the best meteor showers of the fall and I’m super excited about it.

The Orionid meteor shower is created from debris left behind from Halley’s Comet, but the comet will not be viewable until the year 2061, so another 40 years!

With the Orionid meteor shower, you should be able to see more than 20 meteors per hour, but the full moon may make it a bit hard to see this year.

We still have other meteor showers this year that include the Leonids and the Geminids, so exciting!

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