Target is Selling $12 Ombre String Lights So You Can Light Up The Night

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I never knew there was such a thing as ombre colored string lights and now that I know, I call dibs on the pink!

Courtesy of Target

Target is a retail store I constantly find myself buying products from. They’re currently selling ombre string lights you can hang outdoors, but I’m thinking it might look better hung inside my bedroom instead.

Just think about, pink ombre lights against my white walls, will create a gorgeous glow and it’s just what I need to complete my bedroom.

Courtesy of Target

In two different colors, these string lights come in pink and blue with 20 bulbs total, which is more than enough to decorate one wall inside your home or outside on the patio.

Starting from the top, each bulb begins with a bright pink or blue color. The pattern then fades into a lighter version of that color, until it reaches white at the bottom, to give it the total ombre look.

Courtesy of Target

For just 12 dollars, Target is offering a great deal for a pack of 20 count string lights, just in time to hang outside for the summer weather.

Just imagine, you’re newly purchased lights strung on the patio deck while you’re grilling underneath the stars; now that’s the perfect setting for a great night.


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