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‘Pasta Boards’ Are The Newest Food Board Trend And I’m Loving It

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Earlier this week I was enamored with the Butter Board concept.

You know, smear tasty butter all over a board, add all kinds of toppings, and then dip your bread or crackers into that buttery goodness.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am still in love with the idea of the Butter Board, but I was just introduced to something that might even top it.

Introducing the — wait for it — PASTA BOARD!!

I can’t even with the carb overload heaven!!

These Pasta Boards are hella easy to make. The hardest part is choosing exactly which pasta to use.

Do you go with a cheesy ravioli? Maybe you should add an angel hair pasta with creamy mushroom sauce on the side.

How about cavatappi with a spicy tomato accompaniment? Then there’s rotini pasta with a drizzle of olive oil — maybe some coarse kosher salt and aged balsamic vinegar.

Oh my gosh. My mouth is legit drooling just thinking about it all.

The answer to which pasta to use would be — EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

Boil up your favorite pastas, maybe sprinkle some salt and Romano cheese on top, and arrange them all nice and pretty like on the board.

Then, you can add in a couple little bowls of your favorite sauces to accompany the pasta.

Maybe a nice Alfredo sauce. Perhaps a homemade marinara. How about a lovely lemon olive oil mix. YUM!

I’m not judgy. Pop open a couple jars of your favorite sauce, and use them as toppings for the pasta.

You can even add different veggies and several meats that people can use to put on top of their pasta.

I mean, you don’t have to make it super complicated. It’s pasta. Everyone’s going to love it!

There is only one rule. If you decide to make one of these tasty pasta boards, I want to see pictures!!

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