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The New Peeps Cake In A Cup Is The Perfect Easter Treat For The Person That Loves Marshmallows

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I don’t care how old my kids are, I will always make them an Easter basket. We usually do all of the traditional things in the basket with at least one thing that is new and different.

My girls love making the individual mug cakes! When I saw these new Peep’s cake in a cup, I just new I had to include them in their baskets this year.

Peeps are one of my personal favorites for Easter! A Peeps cake just sounds amazing, and if it’s not, well the mug is cute and totally worth the price!

The Peeps cake in a cup kit comes with the cutest yellow mug that has the Peeps bunnies and chicks on it. It also comes with a marshmallow flavored cake mix with mini marshmallows!


This is perfect for the person that loves marshmallows! A marshmallow flavored cake that is filled with mini marshmallows!

To make it you would just need to add the mix to the cup and whatever liquid it calls for. I’m not sure if it needs an egg added or not.

Mix it up and microwave for a personal cake that is just for you! Then you can reuse your mug for coffee and hot cocoa!

You can get the Peeps Cake in a Cup at Walmart for only $5! I’m going to see if I can get mine today and put them away for Easter in case they sell out.

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