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You Can Rent A Private Island Off The Coast Of Florida For Just $50 A Night Per Person

I was so excited about the houseboat villa in Bora Bora, but now… maybe I ought to head to Florida to hang out on a private island!

We really don’t have big family holidays anymore (sad), so maybe we should plan something a bit different this year. We have found something amazing and I am totally down for it! has set up an amazing chance for a group of 6 friends to stay on a private island off the coast of Marathon, Florida. It would be the week before Thanksgiving which is November 14th until November 21st!

It’s called “Friendsgiving Island”. If you happen to be the fantastically lucky people that get the booking, you will get to stay in a 5,000 square foot home that has 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms!

There are all sorts of things provided to keep you busy! There’s a helicopter launchpad, a boat dock, kayaks, a swimming pool, and paddleboards!

They also have it set up for a private chef to come in and cook you the ultimate “Friendsgiving” dinner!

…so you can eat, drink and be thankful without having to worry about who will cook the turkey. listing information

Pretty freaking amazing if you ask me! I hate cooking the turkey, thankfully my mom always handles that part but I know she hates it too!

Normally a week-long stay on “Friendsgiving Island” costs around $9,800 a week. However, this is a special thing that is doing to make 2020 a bit better for some lucky people.

They have set up this week-long getaway for only $2,000! That is totally doable! Divide that up between 6 people and that is around $286 per person for an entire week!

If you want a chance to get in on this you will need to be ready when the listing goes live on The booking will open Tuesday, October 27th at 10 AM ET. Get your fast fingers ready and good luck!

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