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Roller Derby: I Made it To Group One!!

Last Thursday when I went to Derby, there were bumps, bruises, falls, and my own private group because I was that bad at skating.

So, I knew what I had to do. I had to learn to skate.

I’ve always wanted my own skates, but since I don’t know how to skate, that seemed like a silly expense.

Well, you know what? Who cares? You can’t very well learn while wearing flip flops, and since that’s my shoe of choice, I headed to the skate shop. The salesman showed me several pairs of skates, but I really only had one question:

Do they come in Pink?

His answer? Everything for Roller Derby comes in Pink.

Now, that’s my kind of sport.

I bought my skates, brought them home, and laced up. There was just one problem– my driveway is a scary, scary place full of giant canyons and huge boulders cracks and pebbles. So, my husband moved his Mustang out of the garage, and I had my very own private (teeny tiny) skating rink.

I skated back and forth and back and forth, just like Reckless taught me to in practice. And when I could do that without grabbing onto my husband, I skated more. I skated every single night… until I was ready for the rink. After school one day, I packed up my kid and surprised her with an impromptu evening of skating. (She was ever so excited and had no idea we were really there for me! Excellent momming if I do say so myself.)

Last night, it was time for practice. I was so nervous. I really, really wanted to be able to skate just as well as all those other noobs, but I just knew there was no way I’d practiced enough. I laced up anyway, and made my way to the floor. That’s when I realized– I HAD IT. Now, I don’t mean I am some sort of superstar skater extreme or anything, but I can stand on my skates, and I can practice falling down with the others!

I didn’t need my own private group, and I didn’t roll into random people. I can stop on my own!

All that hard work? It paid off. You know what I’m doing tonight?

Roller Skating to celebrate.  

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