Social Media Is Making Everyone Mean and I’m So Over It

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My heart is breaking. I used to log on to Facebook to see photos my friends and family posted. But now, it seems like I get on to do my work, and then somehow I am reading things that upset me and hurt my heart.

You log on and instantly you see things you really don’t need to see. In the past, we knew our friends, but we didn’t know their every thought on every topic that there is. Now we do.

We are nearly all guilty of it, I have been quick to hit a share button or comment… usually not realizing how it may hurt someone I know. I’m trying to not be that person anymore. However, it goes way beyond that…

I’m not saying we shouldn’t speak our minds. You have every right to do that.

What I mean is there are people saying things online that they would never ever say to someone out loud in person to other people. When did people become so cruel?

There isn’t even one specific topic to avoid. You could simply not like tacos, and somewhere out there someone is going to get angry and say they hope you die. Oh and don’t forget the misinformation. There is so much of that.

Even my own family has said some pretty awful things to me and other members of our family. Why? Who knows, difference of opinion?

So instead of having discussions, some of these people choose to go the route of name calling and being hurtful. Saying ugly things even about people that have died.

I don’t get it. I’m totally a loudmouth, and I acknowledge it. I do speak my mind and truth when needed. But to be so viciously cruel like I am watching others do, it’s wrong. I do mean viciously too.

We Need to Be Nicer

When did we become a society that wished death upon those we disagree with? Has it always been there?

I don’t know, maybe it has, but at least it wasn’t out there for everyone to see.

The way we behave on social media is killing the kindness in the world and we need to fix that. It’s carrying over into the actual real world.

As of right now, like this very instant… I’m just going to be sprinkling kindness. That’s it.

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