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Here’s How To Order A Spicy Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich Off The Chick-Fil-A Secret Menu

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The Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich is seriously one of my favorite Chick-fil-A Secret Menu items! It’s just the right amount of spice, and packs a punch with the cool ranch dressing. YUM!

I woke up craving Chick-fil-A this morning. That usually happens on Sunday — the one day Chick-fil-A is closed.

But, TODAY, I experienced the Spicy Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich — and it made my whole day worth it!

Now, I’m a HUGE fan of anything Buffalo Chicken. We previously told you about the Buffalo Chicken Ranch Macaroni and Cheese and the Buffalo Ranch Chick-N-Minis. Both of which are a total treat for the taste buds.

This Spicy Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich adds a bit of a spicy kick to your day, and then cools it down with the creamy ranch dressing. It is totally fabulous!!

How Do You Order Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to roll up to the drive thru speaker, and order anything outrageously weird. The workers aren’t going to give you the evil side eye or talk about you as you drive away.

Just head on over to your closest Chick-fil-A restaurant, and order a Spicy Chicken Sandwich. It’s totally up to you whether you want to get the full meal or just the sandwich. But, that being said, go for the meal!! *Smile*

Make sure you ask for a Zesty Buffalo Sauce packet and a Garden Herb Ranch packet when you get up to the window.

I get extra pickles — but that’s just how I roll. You do you.

How Do You Put Together The Buffalo Ranch Chick-n-Minis?

First things first — don’t wait. Put your car in park, and get to it!!

Now, take that delicious sandwich out of it’s bright red bag, and savor that mouthwatering spicy chicken aroma. There’s nothing like the smell of a freshly made Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich!! It’s almost buttery and spicy — all at the same time.

Take the top off that big ol’ Spicy Chicken Sandwich, and hit it with a little bit of Zesty Buffalo Sauce. Watch out — that neon orange dressing tastes divine, but it can stain your clothes.

Next, you want to drizzle some of that cool, creamy Garden Herb Ranch right over the Zesty Buffalo Sauce.

Now, carefully put that lid back on the sandwich. Maybe take a picture or two of the perfection. If there aren’t pictures, it didn’t happen, right?!?

Hold over the bag, a napkin, your desk, SOMETHING, because it’s possible this could get messy.

Take a bite, and try not to cry happy tears.

Isn’t it so good?!?

You might be thinking, “This is no Secret Menu item! It’s just putting sauce on a sandwich!” Do you know HOW many times I’ve been in the mood for a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, and Chick-fil-A doesn’t even come up on my radar. It’s good to know that options are out there!


You can see a video of how to put together the Spicy Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich HERE.

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