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Storysaurus in the Wild, and Other Happenings

I’m sort of pre-occupied with editing right now, so amazingly inspiring blog posts of awesome aren’t really coming to me this week. But, here are a few things I’ve been up to:

  • Storysaurus was hard at work this weekend for Cheryl’s manuscript. I’m not going to lie though… I’m a little scared that her storysaurus is going to eat my storysaurus:

I’d love to see what you’ve done with him. Send pics or scans of you wearing the storysaurus shirt or using storysaurus to plot your novel to

  • I recently took some life lemons and made amazing lemonade. Only problem is I can’t share the refreshing goodness with you yet. It’s one of those things where, because I can’t talk about it–it’s the only thing on the planet I want to talk about. (No, I haven’t sold my book yet– When I do, I won’t be able to contain myself, I’m sure of it.)
  • Sometimes I read a lot, and sometimes I write a lot. It just depends on where I am in my books. I am really impressed with people who force themselves to write for a specific amount of time each day and then stick with it. Some day I hope to be like that–but I doubt that day will ever come.
  • Chevrolet invited me to the races at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend (super cool racing post coming at you soon), and I ran into a guy from high school who had a raging crush on me (Seriously, that’s what his note said that he passed me while I was working my job as a checker at the grocery store). I was totally freaked out, because he looked exactly the same, and I’m fairly sure I’ve aged in a most ungraceful way. I’m a little worried that he’s going to tell everyone back home about how I look like a frumpy ‘ol grandma or something. I don’t even think he lives ‘back home’ or anything, but in my mind he’s all over facebook right now making fun of me even though he was perfectly nice this weekend.
  • My favorite local coffee shop started closing at 11 instead of midnight. I need to somehow launch a movement to get them more business. Any ideas?

Well, that’s all for this murky, yechy, rainy Monday.

What have you guys been up to?

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