Swiss Miss Now Has White Chocolate Hot Cocoa To Sip On During The Winter Season

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There’s truly nothing better than warming up your frozen fingers with a steaming cup of hot cocoa during the winter season.

Feeling your fingers unfreeze one by one from the radiating warmth from one single mug of hot chocolate, cheers into the holiday season with Swiss Miss White Chocolate hot cocoa so your fingers are never cold.

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Featuring a pack that fills eight full cups of white chocolate flavored powdered mix, set aside boiling water, pour over in your favorite mug, and stir the white chocolate mix for a truly sweet treat after building a snowman outside or shoveling the walkway.

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Top with whipped cream, marshmallows, and a red cherry on top if you prefer, celebrate the holiday season with a warm beverage that brings you jolly.

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You can find an eight pack of Swiss Miss White Chocolate hot cocoa on Amazon for less than ten dollars.

Courtesy of @iammrssylvester

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