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The CDC Has Approved Booster Shots For All Adults. Here’s What We Know.

The green light for booster shots are a go after the CDC has just recently announced that all adults can now receive their extra shots.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved boosts for everyone over the age of 18 on Friday, which means it’s time to book another appointment to get poked, as soon as possible.

While the recommendation is stronger for adults who are over the age of 50, a panel of independent doctors, nurses, and public health experts voted to recommend boosters for all adults who are currently up to date with the COVID vaccine.

Keeping in mind that booster shots are administered at least six months after the Pfizer or Moderna vaccination, Johnson & Johnson only requires at least two months after the dose.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration has also authorized Pfizer and Moderna boosters for all adults on Friday morning.

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently told Insider,

“We have got to get almost everybody who’s gotten the primary vaccination regimen, we’ve got to get all of them boosted,” Fauci said. “Even though, for the most part, the vaccines absent the boost protect quite well — particularly among younger people — against hospitalization.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci

“The longer you wait to give the boost, the stronger the response will be,” immunology expert Dr. James Hildreth, president of Meharry Medical College, recently told Insider. “More importantly, the antibodies affinities get higher the longer you wait, because there’s an affinity maturation that happens.”

Dr. James Hildreth