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Taylor Swift Fans Bought A Massive Billboard To Congratulate Her For Being In The Top 100 Songs List

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Taylor Swift newest album is dominating Billboard’s Hot 100 list, but are you really that surprised?

With songs that encapsulate her country roots and surprise, a double album with 15 extra songs to blast in the car, it’s no wonder why this album is already a fan-favorite!

Taylor Swift fans, otherwise known as Swifties, recently congratulated the singer on her big accomplishment, because it’s not everyday a singer maintains the top 14 spots on the hits chart!

While taking Taylor’s huge accomplishment and scaling it into something larger, Swiftie fans bought out a billboard in Times Square to show the public just who holds the top 14 on Billboard’s list!

And let’s just say that this billboard, is enormous!

Courtesy of @taylorswift

Alongside the list of songs that have currently snagged the top 14 spots, Swiftie fans were clever in the billboard’s design.

Decorated in only black and white just like the cover of the new album, social media user @kubaswift who helped design the billboard in Times Square, posted the viral billboard on X.

Courtesy of @kubaswift

Including a header that displays “For our chairman”, aka Taylor Swift, the billboard also shows a signature from the Swifties on the bottom left, with a P.S. note in the right hand corner that reads, “Try and come for her job”.

Very clear Swiftie fans and a job well done on the billboard’s display!

You can now listen to the Tortured Poets Department album on Apple Music and Spotify!

Courtesy of @taylorswift

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