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Taylor Swift Is Releasing A Surprise Album Tonight and I’m So Excited

I used to be a huge fan of Taylor Swift! I’m not as big of a fan as I used to be, only because I’ve broadened my taste in music, but I still love her as a person!

Believe it or not, my dad was just as big of a fan for Taylor. When I was in middle school, we used to listen to her music together all of the time!

My very first concert was also by her and she was amazing live!

Now 30 years young, the Pop Sensation is still making music for fans and even the Coronavirus hasn’t stopped her!

That’s right, Taylor Swift has been at work and is releasing a SURPRISE album called “Folklore” tonight at midnight, Eastern time.

Premiering tonight, her new music video “Cardigan” is also one she directed herself. Not to mention she did her own hair, makeup and the entire staff practiced social distancing and wore face masks.

Even while recording her new album in isolation, the pop star was still able to collaborate with “musical heroes” of her own, including Aaron Dessner, Bon Iver, William Bowery, and Jack Antonoff.

She quoted on Twitter “…an entire brand new album of songs I’ve poured all of my whims, dreams, fears, and musings into” and we cant wait to hear you pour out your heart Taylor!

Grab an energy drink and get ready to stay up late to grab her new album!