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You Can Get A Team Edward Or Team Jacob Frappuccino From Starbucks To Show Where Your Loyalties Lie

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With Twilight on Netflix now, all of us Twilight fans have started coming out of hiding again, and I am LOVING it!


One of the biggest divides in the Twilight fanbase is whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob. So now we have some Starbucks drinks to help you decide!


Team Edward

If you are Team Edward, we have the perfect Frappuccino to give you all the vampire vibes! This will be sure to send a chill down your spine!

To order this, you’ll need to start by asking for a Grande Vanilla Bea Frappuccino.

Then, ask for two pumps of peppermint syrup.

And finally, ask for a pump of mocha sauce in the bottom of the cup, and some strawberry drizzle before the whipepd cream!


Team Jacob

If you are on Team Jacob, we have the perfect drink for you werewolf fans! Maybe you can even paint a six pack on your cup for extra effects!

This Team Jacob Frappuccino is sure to send you howling between the caffeine and chocolate!

To order this drink, start by ordering a Grande Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino.

Then, ask for two pumps of raspberry syrup.

And finally, ask for strawberry drizzle!

Whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob (or secretly Team Jasper, because he was clearly the best), either of these drinks would be great to sip on during your next Twilight marathon!

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