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The LuLaRoe Obsession Starts With Just A Pair Of Black Leggings…

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I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately from people about LuLaRoe and where to start. I might not be the best person to hand out advice on how to navigate this obsession. I dove right on in last February and bought up a bunch of the Valentine’s Day leggings right off the bat, but most people ease in a little slower than I do.

This is an awesome LuLaRoe price list if you’re looking to buy some LuLaRoe.

You know. With a simple pair of black leggings. A nice, every girl sort of staple to see what all the fuss is about.

The LuLaRoe Obsession Starts With Just A Pair Of Black Leggings…

I am all for this method. Staple items like solid color leggings, a little black dress, these things never go out of style and you can update the look with a variety of accessories. They’re really not a risky buy, and for the cautious buyer, a great place to start.

But let’s say you got that pair of black leggings and you want to give some of the other looks a go. Where to start?

I’ve already covered my personal feelings and reviews of numerous LuLaRoe pieces for women in previous posts (leggings, dresses, shirts, skirts). Feel free to brows those and ask questions!

What I’ve been telling my friends is two things. A) Set a budget. B) Pick a few styles to try. C) Stick to that budget.

Why am I stressing budget so much?

Because every month I see the posts in the various LuLaRoe resell groups. “Help! I bought too much LLR and we need to pay xyz/I’m in trouble/I’m overwhelmed/insert other reason here!”

Take it from me, it is very easy to go overboard with your LuLaRoe buying. Especially in the beginning when you want all the things. What I hate hearing are the stories about people who tried LuLaRoe, fell into insta-love and then had it ruined by blowing their budget. My LuLaRoe clothing makes me feel good and live comfortably, so I hate hearing about people who let that happiness get sullied by things they could have changed. So please, stick with that budget!

Another tip? If you’re like me and worried about spending the budget on what you think you want, only to find a pattern, color or style that you must have now, create a dual budget. X amount for buying what you see, and X amount to be held for first unicorn sightings. If you don’t see a unicorn, simply put that unicorn budget toward next month. Voila! Smart budgeting and a bit of savings should you need it.

Now, what to buy?

I always suggest picking one new style to give a whirl at a time. The way sales happen, it’s fast and furious. I often stand a better chance of getting what I want if I’m laser focused on one style. That way I don’t get distracted. But for the new shopper, selectively widening your wardrobe can be a good way to ease into the habit. I mean–lifestyle.

For me, I went into leggings then a Cassie skirt. I like the Cassies, but my day to day life is a bit too casual for them. I tried the Nicoles, then a few shirts and then discovered that I love wearing Amelias. But I have a friend who cannot stand the pleated skirts and much prefers the Nicoles. There are so many styles that figuring out what works for you will take time. And that’s fine! LuLaRoe is constantly releasing new patterns, colors and styles.

Hope this helps. Shop smart, shop comfortable!

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