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The Street Artists Of The World Are Coming Together In Stunning Support Of Ukraine

As the world is coming together in solidarity for Ukraine, street artists are using their talents to make gorgeous visual depictions of support.

Some street artists have chosen to paint moving pieces that bring to light Ukrainians’ struggles with the Russian invasion.

Other artists have no trouble calling out Russian President Vladimir Putin over this unacceptably tragic situation in Ukraine.

Jenks, a street artist who admits that Ukraine has probably never heard of his tiny town in Wales, hopes that by posting his work online, some may see it and know that people are on their side. Maybe they can feel some solidarity and peace.

New piece to show support for Ukraine and send them love and prayers.

Jenks, Wales based street artist

It was the least I could do apart from sending financial support.

London based street artist, WOSKerski, to the Huffington Post

Hope this shit will end as soon as possible ! All my support to the Ukrainian people! Peace, not fucking war !



coriemattie, Los Angeles based street artist

We’ve all sat and watched this hideous situation unfurl and while it’s not much, I wanted to do what I know best, (throwing paint) to highlight my sadness and anger over the Ukrainian invasion by Russia.


‘Take these seeds and put them in your pockets so at least sunflowers will grow when you all lie down here’


And, my favorite street art in solidarity with Ukraine. It is such a sweet portrayal with the flag, and the girl walking over the tanks. I just love it!

Pour mes amis Ukrainiens; For my Ukrainian friends


If you want to help the people of Ukraine, here’s a list of ways you can reach out.