This Man Turned A Volkswagen Beetle Into The Most Adorable Mini Bikes Ever

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Slug Bug!! Did you ever play that game? When you see a Volkswagen Beetle driving down the road, you turn to whoever is next to you, punch them in the arm, and yell, “SLUG BUG!”

I’m not sure if the Slug Bug rules still apply to these GENIUS scooters, made by walter_werks on Instagram. I say, they TOTALLY count! Slug Bug!

Via walter_werks on Instagram

Brent Walter, of walter_werks, took the side fenders — you know, the wheel well part — off an old Volkswagen Beetle, and recycled them into two of the most adorable scooters EVER!


I’m not going to lie, I want one of these mini bikes. I call the blue one!


How creative is this?!? I wish I would have thought of it, myself.


The minibike contraptions are built off the base from tiny 79cc Volkswagen engines, which produces 6.5 horsepower. The engine is then mounted to an also-small frame, which is then topped with the Volkswagen fender.

Via Tip Hero

He places handlebars and a giant light on the front of the bike. He adds a comfortable seat to the back, with a giant brake light and VOILA! Cutest. Bikes. In. Town.


Am I the only one who thinks these look like Plankton from SpongeBob SquarePants? No?

He has already made two of these bikes — a green one and a blue one, which are the ORIGINAL Volkswagen Beetle colors.


He has started work on a third bike, and I can’t wait to see what color he goes with on the third one! Maybe a red? Hmmmm.


He has dubbed these mini bikes “Volkspod.” Should I tell him that he could make a million dollars off these Volkspods?


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