This Woman’s Cereal Box Hack Is Pure Genius For Keeping Cereal From Going Stale

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You know when you open a box of cereal and you try to close it by sticking the little tab in, but it just pops right back open? This lady solved the issue!

Becky Holden McGhee

Had to share this. It’s only taken me 40 years, but I now know the correct way to close a cereal box.

Becky Holden McGhee

Her name is Becky Holden McGhee and she lives in the UK. She posted her trick to her Facebook page and it quickly went viral. She actually learned the trick by browsing Facebook and happened across it and tried it herself.

Becky Holden McGhee

Seeing this actually made me feel better. I thought that maybe I just sucked at closing cereal boxes. Apparently everyone has that issue.

Becky Holden McGhee

Genius. It takes seconds, no more dried up cereal and ugly torn boxes to greet me every morning.

Becky Holden McGhee

So she showed off this method of folding the top that makes it all sleek and organized look. Bonus, it actually stays closed!

Becky Holden McGhee

All you have to do is bend the sides of the boxes into a foldable v shape. Don’t tuck them under the flap. After that, you push one side of the top flap into the box and fold it down. Then take the other top flap and repeat.

We all know they don’t close properly and it drives you nuts. 

Becky Holden McGhee

She made a video that shows you exactly how she did it and it is super easy! Watch it below! Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you!

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Photo credit: @melliemelanie/TikTok

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