Thrift Store Painting HACK

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Turn an ugly thrift store painting into something cool with this Thrift Store Painting Hack project! I’m always looking for inexpensive art I can transform into something amazing for my home. Today I am going to show you how to turn a seriously dated painting into something super stylish.

Watch this Thrift Store Painting Hack video and get started!

What you need for this Thrift Store Painting HACK:

To get started, you will need to find a very inexpensive painting from the thrift store that you can remove the canvas easily to paint over. Look for “cardboard” canvases for this project.

Thrift Store Painting Hack

How to do this Thrift Store Painting HACK:

1. Start by removing the canvas from the frame.

2. Paint the frame a fun color or something very solid like black.

3. Paint the canvas white.

4. Paint a cactus design on the canvas in black. Paint the inside of the cactus any shade of green you like.

Thrift Store Painting Hack Collage

Thrift Store Hack Collage2

You are all set! Hang your awesome painting and enjoy!

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