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These TikTok Spring Cleaning Hacks Are Everything You’ll Need To Make Your House Shine

TikTok has the BEST tips and tricks for spring cleaning the heck out of our houses, and I’m more than ready to start!

This has been just about the LONGEST winter known to man — please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way!!

I’m ready to shake off those winter blues, and get to making this house fresh, clean, and smelling like a bright sunny spring morning!

Who’s with me?

If you need some inspiration, some tips, or plenty of tricks, it’s time to hit up TikTok, as they have ALL the videos you will ever want to watch on getting your house spring ready!

Grab all the cleaning supplies you have on hand, turn up your favorite music, and start turning your house from winter gloom into spring sunshine!

These TikTok tricks use everyday things you have around the house to make your pad sparkly clean.

First, grab a pair of tongs out of your kitchen and a pair of CLEAN socks out of your laundry bin, and get to watching THIS VIDEO, from simplisticallyliving, that show you how to easily clean the mini blinds on your windows.

Next, get your favorite essential oil, about a half-a-cup of baking soda, and about a cup of vinegar. Then, watch THIS VIDEO, by beautycaboodle, on how to clean out your sink and make it smell hella good.

Now, have you ever looked up at your ceiling fan blades in embarrassment?

You might take to them with that fluffy Swiffer Duster that they make for cleaning such things, but you’re going to get dust flying EVERYWHERE!!


Watch this quick TikTok video, by stephanieboothrealtor, and you’ll never clean your fan blades any other way again!

I don’t know about you, but for some reason, the screens on my windows look like we had a good mud fight, followed by a slumber party with bugs.

I always struggle with trying to get my window screens clean!!

But, thanks to THIS VIDEO, by acleanbee, my screens are about to be in tip-top shape this year!!

Now, moving on to the bathroom. You know what I’m going to say, right?

Mildew and soap scum — the bane of my bathroom existence.

But, cleaning your tub is actually pretty easy, as THIS VIDEO, by evelynn_evey, will show you!

Have tile in your bathroom — or even your kitchen?

Easily return that grout to its original color by following THIS VIDEO, by cleanthatup.

Do you hate to clean your kitchen??

Don’t worry, we are about to make it quick and easy.

THIS VIDEO, by mama_mila_, is about to help you get that microwave oven free from that baked on spaghetti sauce that’s been sitting in there for a month.

Have y’all EVER cleaned out your dishwasher? Yeah, me neither.

I mean, it has “washer” in the name. It is self cleaning, right?


Watch THIS VIDEO, by thehartigfam, that shows you how it’s done.

Another thing I like to pretend doesn’t even exist when I clean the kitchen? Those oven trays!!

THIS VIDEO, by mama_mila_, shows you that it doesn’t have to be an impossible job to clean off those oven trays.

Now, if you are looking for a great LIST of things to clean for your spring cleaning adventures, we got you!! Just click HERE.

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