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Ways To Get Time For Yourself During The Holidays

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I totally get it. It’s that time of year when we are supposed to be reflecting on life, love, and all that is good, and instead you are standing in line at 4am waiting on the latest TickleMe-Hover-Poke-Furby and wishing you’d worn more sensible shoes. This is the month when we, as moms, completely forget about ourselves. and that is a terrible thing!


So, I’ve partnered with ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple Snack Bars to bring YOU 5 ways to get time for YOURSELF during the holidays!

1. Stay in the car. (Turn it off first, OF COURSE.) But, when everyone else jumps out of the car. Stay there. Sitting. Looking at pretty pictures of the beach on Instagram, listening to your favorite song, talking on the phone with your bestie, whatever. Just stay in the car when the rest of the family goes inside, and they won’t even notice you didn’t follow them in for like, fifteen minutes at least.

chill in the car

2. Check the mail. I know what you are thinking right now, that I am insane– but trust me on this. Don’t get the mail as you drive by on the way home, instead, walk out to your mailbox, and keep walking around the block. Grab the mail on the way back in, and you just got a few extra minutes of quiet time. It’s so nice.

check the mail

3. Stick your phone in a baggie and take a bath. This is my single favorite trick of all time. I download a good book to my phone, fill a tub with some bath salts, and take a long bath. Nobody can blame for getting clean, right?

iphone bathtub

4. Have a snack. A proper snack. One that won’t make you feel like you need a nap, and that gives you a little extra oomph for the rest of the day. ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple has released special seasonal-inspired flavors of Peppermint Bark and Pumpkin Chai for a limited time only, and they are a delicious way to spend a few minutes on yourself this afternoon.

zoneperfect perfectly simple

5. Headphones. Maybe your kids are too little for you to stay in the car while they head in, or maybe you just can’t find time all alone, but you can FAKE IT! Stick some headphones in your ear, turn up the new Adele, and take a faux break from kid-friendly television and toys that are way louder than they should be.

time to yourself

What I am trying to say is this– stop all the hustle, the bustle, and the craziness at least once a day and just be with yourself. I mean, you’re pretty awesome, right? Spend some time remembering it.

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