5 Ways To Avoid Packing On The Holiday Pounds

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It seems that no matter how much I vow that this year will be different, I Always seem to gain weight over the holidays. It’s like the siren call of cookies and egg nog is too much for me to bear and every single year I’ve struggled with guilt over it. And that sucks. I mean, this is the time that we’re supposed to be enjoying with family and friends, and instead I’m sitting there loathing myself over the piece of pie I just ate. Why do we do that? So this year, I’m making a plan. Not just for the holiday’s, either. This is my winter plan…my way to make sure things don’t get too out of control. Here are 5 Ways To Avoid Packing On The Holiday Pounds. Good luck, everyone.

5 Ways To Avoid Packing On Holiday Pounds

5 Ways To Avoid Packing On The Holiday Pounds

1. Exercise before you eat. One of the things I’ve said WAY too many times in my life is, “Man, I’m gonna have to spend an Hour on the elliptical to burn this off…” After I’ve put it in my mouth. That sucks, right? I mean, it’s like we’re trying to enjoy this small delicious thing and make ourselves feel guilty about it at the same time. Instead, workout before you eat. If you’re going to spend time with friends, do an extra hour at the gym or if you don’t have time for that, take an extra lap around the block when you walk the dog. Just do a little extra before yo go out so you don’t feel as guilty once you’re there.

2. Drink chia. So this is kind of my new obsession and it honestly grosses my SIL out, but she’s grossed out by a lot, so whatevs. Chia are these little black seeds that swell up in liquid. They become almost a gelatinous mass of what looks like strawberry seeds. They’re kind of a different texture, but if you don’t have texture issues (which apparently my SIL does) they’re awesome! What I love about them is I always feel fuller after I drink it. So, this holiday season, try drinking down some chia before you eat. Here’s a recipe for pomegranate chia lemonade, but one of my favorite ways to drink it is to soak 2 T of seeds in a cup of water over night, then add another cup of water, some lime juice and stevia the next day. Tastes like a limeade to me, but without tons of calories.

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3. Plan your splurges. When I’m hanging with my friends, I KNOW I’m going to eat more. In fact, when we have game night on Thursday nights, I know we’re going to either have a big group dinner or order pizza, and always munch on chips. I probably eat more on game night than any other night of the week. So, if you know you’re going out, plan for that. Maybe cut lunch short that day, or cut calories somewhere else. Just plan ahead.

4. Take time out for YOU. Stress eating is probably my favorite past-time. Okay, maybe not that, exactly, but I definitely stress eat like I’m training for the olympics of eating. I’m a pro stress-eater. And I’m guessing you are, too. A lot of us are. So this holiday season, take some time out for yourself. The sales may not wait, but that one hour getting a massage isn’t going to take Too much time away from shopping and planning. How about that facial you’ve been waiting for…isn’t now as good a time as any to go get it? You can always buy some cookies from the store instead of making them to save yourself a little time…

5. Accept the things you can not change. There’s a chance that no matter how much you try not to gain the weight, you’re still going to gain. You can either beat yourself up over this fact, or just accept that weight gain over the holidays – and especially during winter when we tend to be a little more sedentary – is inevitable. Try to accept yourself as you are. Bikini season is a LONG way’s away, so you’re going to have time to work that winter weight back off again. Don’t stress. Just enjoy this time with family and friends and accept this as one short season in your very long life.

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  1. Good tips! The holidays are always a hard time for me, because I have a major sweet tooth. Thanks for sharing with us at the Merry Monday Link Party! Hope to see you again on Sunday!