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Okay, as many of you regular readers know… I own a website (ScrapLove), and man… I love owning that place. I love being the person that started that place and made it what it is today… but sometimes things just get to be a little stressful. I mean, of course there is drama… a thousand women in one place…with the keyboard in front of them as their shield… yeah I would say that is a recipe for a little drama, but I hate when it happens! I just wish there was some way to make it totally drama free, ya know? Ahh well… sometimes I cause the drama, so I guess I would have to stop doing that first, huh? This time I didn’t though… this time it was all someone else getting their panties in a bunch… sheesh! People need to remember it is just a friggin website for crying out loud!


Wednesday 17th of May 2006

ahhh thanks aim I needed that!


Wednesday 17th of May 2006