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Here’s How to Make Whipped Strawberry Milk That Is Easier Than Making Dalgona Coffee

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We can all agree that the Dalgona Coffee is a serious life hack that we all desperately needed during this time.

The famous recipe that sprouted from Tik-Tok, if you’re in need for a quick cup of coffee.


Well I’m here to tell you that you can use that same technique for another commonly loved drink, and you’ve been drinking it since you were little… maybe even begging mom for a cup at 11 at night!

Drum roll please… it’s Strawberry and Chocolate Milk!

Who are my Strawberry fans and where are my Chocolate lovers, because there is a NEW and trending way to whip up your favorite flavored milk.


Unlike the Dalgona recipe that requires three ingredients to make the fluffy coffee, this recipe only calls for two, Strawberry or Chocolate powder (such as Nesquik) and Heavy Cream!

Now some people are adding additional ingredients to their milk such as sugar and Chocolate syrup to make their drink extra sweet, but it’s totally and completely up to you!


After combining your powder and Heavy Cream, whip it up the same as you would like the Dalgona coffee, pour over milk and ice, and you’ve got yourself either a whipped Strawberry or Chocolate milk; except this time, it’s got more pizazz!


Now is it just me or do you feel like more of an adult drinking your Strawberry Milk just because it’s whipped!


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