You Can Get Hostess Mermaid Cupcakes and I Am Swimming In Joy

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Hostess cupcakes are already the Queen Mother of the cupcake world. They are the tippity top supreme of the packaged dessert world. Go ahead, prove me wrong.


But y’all, they have Limited Edition Mermaid Cupcakes, and they are ALMOST too cute to eat. Don’t get crazy — I said they are ALMOST too cute to eat. I’m totally still going to shove them in my face!

Courtesy of Hostess

They are pretty and perfect, just like the other pastel goodies that Hostess has brought out in time for Easter.

If these Mermaid Cupcakes are looking familiar, that is because Hostess has brought them out before — but with the OPPOSITE color scheme.

The color of the icing on top of the cupcake has been flipped with the color of that cute icing ribbon on top.

They still taste as delicious as EVER!

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

These cupcakes are a yellow cake cupcake with pink specks. They have a creamy white filling, and they are now topped with purple icing, and a cute blue icing ribbon.

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

They taste how you would EXPECT a yellow cake frosted Hostess cupcake to taste. That meaning, they are totally BOMB! I could eat them freaking two at a time!

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

You can get the standard 8-pack at your local grocery store, and that’s super cool and all.

— OR —

You could get the giant 16-pack — along with 16 chocolate cupcakes — at Sam’s Club. That’s the choice I would go with. *Wink Wink*

Courtesy of Hostess

HOWEVER you get them, do it FAST, because they will be gone before you know it!

You have also got to check out these Hostess Llama Cupcakes. I need BOTH these crazy cool cupcakes in my lunch box. Ha!

Courtesy of Walmart

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