10 Fall Drinks That Are Totally The Bomb

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Between Halloween parties, game nights, football parties, dinner parties, and any other kind of festive occasion you can imagine, fall is a very social season. And this year, instead of serving your friends all the boring drinks (wine, beer, liquor, blah, blah) that they can find anywhere (c’mon, we’re not teenagers…impress them!), we suggest you go over-the-top and serve them drinks that are truly gossip-worthy. This list of 10 Fall Drinks That Are Totally The Bomb will last you all fall, and we bet you’ll love them so much that you’ll start making some of these year round. Don’t worry; we won’t judge. Cheers!

10 Fall Drinks That Are Totally The Bomb

10 Fall Drinks That Are Totally The Bomb

Number Ten: This booger beer cocktail isn’t the prettiest on the list. In fact, it’s possibly the grossest drink you’ll ever seen in your life. But that’s also part of what makes it so amazing. Invite your friends over for a Halloween party and serve this and they’ll have something to talk about for the rest of the year.


Number Nine: Next time you serve wine at a party, make it this brighter-than-life green pucker wine. Somewhere between a cocktail and a cooler, this neon drink stands out as unique while still being insanely delicious.


Number Eight: With summer drawing to a close, it’s tempting to put away your sun tea pitcher, but instead you should make this sun brewed apple whiskey tea. Smooth and sinful, this drink goes down easy and tastes great with anything you cook on the grill.


Number Seven: Forget about pumpkin spice, this spiked s’mores coffee is our fall drink of choice. It’s a sweet coffee blend with just a hint of heat. Perk up those weekend mornings with this one, or enjoy sipping it in front of the fire on a crisp, cool October night. No matter how you drink it, this one’s a winner.


Number Six: Break into the candy corn early this fall and make this apple pucker margarita with candy corn worms. This one is another that looks a little ‘different’, but between the sweet/sour taste of the apple pucker margarita and the truly unique candy corn worms, this might be your favorite fall drink ever.


Number Five: Cranberries make this fire cranberry crush with pepper garnish a drink worth talking about. But it’s the pepper garnish that’ll truly have them singing. Forget about drinks to warm them up, this drink will set your friends on fire.


Number Four: This spiked hot chocolate with candy corn lava is another fantastic drink combination that your friends won’t believe. It’s got all the great taste of a spiked hot chocolate, but with the fun flare of melty, marshmallow candy corn lava. Fun, delicious, and undoubtedly fall, this one should be at the top of your party drink list.


Number Three: Break out the tumblers for this cherry bomb bourbon whiskey. One of the more ‘adult’ drinks on our list, this one is great to keep on hand for intimate dinners with your friends, or a relaxing drink after work. The bright cherry flavor mixes well with the honeyed bourbon whiskey flavor to become a combination so craveable you’ll want it year round.


Number Two: This pound of flesh apple whiskey beer is an unexpected taste of delicious that manages to incorporate everything amazing about fall. From the fresh apples, to the amazing paring of whiskey and beer, this drink is a perfect break from the normal football game offerings. Tastes great with a side of wings!


Number One: Our favorite flavor of fall is this s’mores fire shot. Bring out those shot glasses because you’ll want more than one of these. With Jack Daniel’s Fire Whiskey, marshmallow cream, chocolate, chili powder, and topped with mini marshmallows this drink takes everything we love about fall and pours it into one perfect shot. Break out the games, invite friends over, and get rowdy, ’cause this drink is totally the bomb.


10 Fall Drinks That Are Totally The Bomb

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  1. Wow, Mary, amazing list it is. I love to drink fire shots and chill partying r watching any cool movies online.

  2. My favorite drink is definitely fall drinks! This is totally simple to make… I would rather drink gin and tonic for simple re freshness mind and body.

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