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20 Things I Ain’t Got No Time For

I am on day nine of some sort of cold/flu/virus thing, I work from home full time and am the primary breadwinner at my house, last week my hot water heater went out, and one of my cats threw up everywhere.

Ain’t nobody got time for any of that.

20 Things Ain’t Nobody Got Time For:

1. Waiting in line at the pharmacy. I don’t understand– why does it take so long to get antibiotics? Don’t they have machines now that count these pills out? I mean, I get it that they don’t want to be handing out pain killers or anything, but I am just there for a z pack, I should be able to pop that thing out of a vending machine by now.

2. Cancelled Flights. What is the deal with these anyway? The other day I was ON the plane, they made us get off, and then cancelled the whole thing. No delay, no warning, just cancelled. 200 people made a mad dash to the reservations desk, only to have the lady behind the counter walk off and go to lunch after helping the first two.

3. Computer Problems. You know that feeling when you finally sit down to get some work done, and you start up your computer, but it doesn’t start up? So, then you have to borrow the laptop you gave to your kids, but that laptop is ten years old and has some sort of red gooey substance spilled on it so the l and p keys don’t work?

4. Baking. Sometimes I see the baking creations people make over on Pinterest, and I think “yeah, I can do that,” but then I remember that I don’t have 15 free hours in my day, and maybe my daughter doesn’t need a cake in the shape of the Harry Potter sorting hat after all.

5. Painting My Nails. I’m obsessed with having the cutest nails at all times. In theory. In all honestly, I’m lucky if I make it out of my house with my hands washed. Much less manicured with coordinating nail stickers. Amirite?!

6. Red light tickets. Can we talk about these for a minute? Isn’t part of driving being able to adapt, and like, is someone is barreling up your butt on the highway or whatever you should be able to make a quick judgment call, because isn’t that what driving tests and all that is all about? Making sure everyone else on the highway has like, some sort of clue as to what they’re doing?

7. Blow drying my hair. I can’t remember the last time I made it through an entire blow dry. I usually just hit it enough to get the roots from going crazy and then bring along a brush in the car for whenever I get 5o where I’m going.

8. Talking on the phone. If it’s super important or whatever then give me a call, but otherwise, consider shooting me a text instead.  Mmmk?

9. Getting eight hours of sleep. Is that actually a thing for some people? Do you know someone who gets an actual eight hours every night? Probably not. They’re too busy sleeping to have any friends of any sort.

10. Fandoms and shippers. I have a ten year old kid that I love with all my heart. What I don’t love is trying to answer the question of rather or not the tenth Doctor should crossover and date Mrs. Mcgonnagell. I don’t know, okay? I just – don’t know.

11. Finishing this post. Seriously, I ain’t got time for it. Later, yo.