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Aldi Is Selling $9 Metal Cat and Dog Planters And They’ll Be The Cutest Addition To Any Garden

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How freaking cute are these metal animal planters from Aldi? They are part of the Aldi Finds and I should have bought one of each!

These metal animal planters are so cute and expressive! The body holds a little pot that would be perfect on the patio or inside your home! Seriously, just look how cute!


They are the perfect size to place pretty much anywhere! Shoot, grab a whole army of cats and dogs to line the front of the house!


Obviously the dog one is my favorite! But the cat one is adorable as well! I would definitely love to have both.


I think my favorite part is the legs! I could just kick myself for not buying at least one when I saw them! That head tilt on the pup is so freaking cute!


Yea, I’m pretty much convinced that I need to stop back in Aldi today and see if there are any left. I try to practice impulse control and see if it is meant to be. These Aldi Finds do not last long at all!

You can them in the Aldi Finds section at your local Aldi store! Better hurry though! They sell for about $8.99!


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