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Am I greener than I used to be?

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So… I was sitting around last night thinking about this… I wouldn’t consider myself particularly ‘green.’ Oh, don’t get me wrong. I think it’s a cool concept, and one I wouldn’t mind getting involved in, I am just kind of lazy, and green seems to take a lot of work.

But, I started thinking about it, and I think I HAVE taken some serious steps in my life to improve my family’s ‘ol carbon footprint. Hell, I think just knowing the term carbon footprint is a pretty good start, don’t cha think?

So, let’s look back to see how I am doing… before I had a kid we made coffee ourselves at home before we went off to work, but we went to one of those warehouse stores and bought a bunch of plastic cups and lids… that wasn’t very green of us, now was it… We don’t do that anymore, we use mugs. But, we do still use paper plates, so we could improve there.

Ahhh, disposable diapers… I am not going to lie, if I ever have another babe, we will be using these again, no question about it. No friggin way am I going to add that to the list of stuff to wash along with all those BIBS and BURP Cloths… nope not gonna happen. So, I would say I am the same green THERE.

Now, let’s see… about the whole light bulb thing… we totally have changed to mostly all fluorescent light bulbs… that is pretty good right…

WOW… I am starting to feel PRETTY guilty right about now…

Oh, here’s one! I no longer use plastic water bottles… I got a super awesome water bottle from Starbucks a couple of months ago, and now I ONLY drink from that water bottle, and I hardly EVER buy bottled water anymore. woot.

Hmmm… do we use less gas? Well, I would say that definitely yes we do. Even though Keet has a bigger truck, and I have an SUV, I hardly ever drive anywhere that is very far away, and he works from home… so we are definitely using less gas! hooray!

Let’s see, what else is there. Oh I have checked out a few farmer’s markets, and that has been really great. I have gotten yummy locally grown food, and some really awesome produce at pretty good prices. Plus, the whole vibe of a farmer’s market is really funky and totally bohemian… I can get in on that.

Oh Freecycle! Instead of throwing things away you can freecycle them! I don’t know that freecycle has helped us to reduce our carbon footprint much, but it has helped me to clean out a ton of unwanted junk!

No more plastic bags… I am working on this one. I have the reusable grocery bags in my car, I am just really bad about remembering to actually BRING them into the grocery store. I will get better with this one though!

Well, I would say we aren’t much greener, but we have started working towards it, and that is okay with me. We should work harder though… and I think I will try to do just that. Maybe when I go to write this post again next year it will be that much better!

Green on People green on.

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