‘Baby Yoda’ Merchandise Will Be Available In Time For The Holidays And Have It I Must

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It’s coming!! Baby Yoda merchandise! I am so excited! The cutest little baby — is it actually a baby? — in the galaxy is getting its own merchandise just in time for the Holidays!

The PERFECT gift for me my son, will be everything having to do with this so-called baby Yoda! I am He is OBSESSED with this little dude (little lady?). It’s just so ADORABLE!


It is known as “The Child” in the Mandalorian, — I’m about to drop a spoiler, so read ahead with caution — and we know that it is 50 years old, but it will always be baby Yoda to me. Look at that face! Gah!

Never fear! The merchandise is on its way!! We will soon see baby Yoda accessories, toys, apparel, and plush gracing such places as Amazon, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Hot Topic, the Disney Store, ShopDisney, and at the Disney Parks themselves.


The merchandise is not yet available. I might have immediately gone to every website to check it out. You KNOW I will let you know as SOON as it drops.


We have not previously seen merchandise relating to this cute little Yoda, because Disney+ and the makers of the film wanted to keep him (her?) a secret until we saw it in the Mandalorian. They are SMART, because now everyone is clamoring for anything having to do with this cute little “baby.”

If you haven’t yet watched the Mandalorian, I totally recommend you watch it. It is available for streaming on Disney+, and it is done SO well. I’m not even necessarily a huge Star Wars fan, and I love the show!

You can catch a new episode of the Mandalorian every Friday on Disney+. Hopefully we will get MUCH more baby Yoda, finally find out its real name, and maybe find out what planet it comes from.

While you’re out there surfing the internet, check out these AWESOME Star Wars Coach Bags and Accessories. I’m in love.


*If it really is a Yoda. I mean, it has to be, right? Is it possible there can only be one at a time? Is that even possible?

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